Process Mapping

What is process mapping?

process mapping

Process mapping enables you to create a large visual document of the key areas of your business, meaning you can see which areas work well and how some processes can be streamlined to improve efficiency.

Why process mapping?

Mapping out the processes in your workplace can transform the way your business operates.

The process map(s) allow you to see the different journeys within your business and highlight areas of strength, weakness, and any areas of improvement.

This enables you and your employees to:

  • pinpoint where time is being wasted
  • identify where duplication is happening
  • spot where people are getting “stuck” and why
  • review your touchpoints and see if they are effective
  • ensure the steps for customers are easy

Process mapping can be used for many reasons

  • provide the base for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • identify Customer and Business Journey improvement
  • help you find or improve the systems and tech in your business
  • share with developers when building a bespoke system
  • gain ISO certification
  • comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR

Why use someone like me to Process Map?

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in process mapping. I can help you through the entire journey. I bring the tools and techniques to map out the processes in the best way.

If you make the decision to work with me, I carry out the mapping alongside you, and I’m here to guide you through the entire process.

One of the biggest benefits is a completely independent view. When you work with a process, day in and day out, you stop seeing the problems, you miss things and you can’t always see what to change.

I challenge the age-old phrase of “we’ve always done it like this” but is it the best way? I positively question the why and the how.

I look at the whole of your business and see how processes interlink with each other, audit the systems, people, clients, and data – I take everything into account.

If you’re a business owner with a great product or service, but you feel you need support with process mapping, get in contact with me today on 07900 958459 to see how I can help you.

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