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Sophie Blackmore, Happy Marketer

Sophie Blackmore, Happy Marketer

“Becky is calm, clear and insightful. She really helps to unpick a process and break it down into actionable and manageable pieces. With the benefit of her experience and enthusiasm for customer journeys my own onboarding processes have been SO much better since I worked with her.”

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Eve Ovenden, Eve Occupational Therapy
Eve Ovenden, Eve Occupational Therapy

“I really lacked confidence at the beginning of the process, but Becky was reassuring and took things at a pace that felt comfortable. She was professional, yet very friendly, always contactable and responded to me quickly. Becky was efficient and always delivered on what she promised. I will be seeking her support again in the future.”

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Happy Customers

Half-Day Business Boost Testimonial

“The biggest takeaway for me is “It’s my business and I can do what I want”!

While part of me would love to grow big and premises with staff and lots of clients, this is not something I could do right now due to my home life and people who need me. I do not manage stress very well and I need to feel safe and comfortable in myself and my business and currently, I do.

The other takeaway was having a goal, so now when I’m wondering whether to squeeze someone in, I think yes it can go towards my big trip!

After we met you provided me with lots of ideas to be working through and I now have a limited company! You gave me a step-by-step guide on what I needed to do next and I got an accountant to do it. While I know I could have done it cheaper, I wanted someone else to take that responsibility because it’s taken me over a year to take this step! I was never going to do it myself!

Thank you for your help, it was worth doing to have someone else’s viewpoint and ideas, and mostly – friendly support.”

Lindsey Pieter Image

Lindsay Pieter

“This lady has helped me out massively! I feel ‘with the times’ now…gone from all my paper diaries/calendars etc to just ONE online calendar. I have a new booking system now in place. My processes are mapped out so I know exactly my client’s journey. All this in just 1 week! A big weight has been lifted and feel so much more organised. Can’t thank you, you enough Becky”


Elaine Mitchell

Elaine Mitchell

She always delivers her services in a professional yet jargon-free way. That is essential to me, as a creative type I often get bogged down by the terminology and buzz words that are so prolific in business. But Becky can see my frustrations and adapts her style perfectly to ensure I always understand what action is needed to facilitate the progress that she has suggested for my business.

I feel safe and secure in Becky’s hands. The service I offer my clients is now streamlined, this has a positive impact on my clients and therefore my business. I would highly recommend Becky’s work. ”

Kumi Osawa


Kumi Osawa

“It’s been a long journey for me but I knew once I sat down with Becky she was going to be able to help me evaluate and guide me with my business process. Like any business, I ran with my business and kept on going without looking back…. so by the time my business had settled I was having to go back to re-assess my process…. that meant having to slow down on my pace and keep looking backwards! Which meant my focus was not going forward….

She’s put in place a simple system for me to follow which enables me to identify and keep track on my progress. If anyone is in similar situation or just need to check your business plans/process I would highly recommend her service.”


David Haigh, Marsh Designs Ltd 
I’ve recently been using Becky to review my business’ customer journey which has enabled us to implement new systems and procedures within the business. After our initial review meeting, the report which Becky provided was great as it highlighted the key areas for us to focus on, As yet we’re by no means the perfect fully systemized business which we want to be, but Becky has been a big help to us getting to the position we are in today. We would have no hesitation in recommending Becky to anyone who needs some help in this area of their business.


Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor
“I’ve worked with Becky on several projects and have also learned so much from her for my own projects! She is an incredibly insightful person who will, I have no doubt about it, help you run your business better.

If you mention business systems and process, for many people, their eyes may glass over and thoughts wander. Not with Becky. Her enthusiasm and realistic approach makes business systems the priority. She has a very logical approach but keeps the atmosphere relaxed. A relaxed expert is an expert that every business needs and I am delighted to have met her.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is you need, why you’re pulling your hair out or why you find it impossible to leave work early…Becky will help you do just that.
Highly recommended if you want more time, want a better running business or want to find areas for improvement.”


Katie Warburton, Hands on Health

“I continue to use Becky for a variety of her skills. When I expanded my business, from being a sole trader to having a team of 10, she helped us set up our operations and processes. She visited the business to understand the nature of what we do and how we generally work. She listened and understood what we needed, saved me hours and hours of time and created a set of processes and systems, that we still use 5 years on.

Since then we have used Becky’s skills to create a new standalone programme. She helped us with a successful pitch for much-needed funding during the pandemic to create this new programme. We have a programme ready to roll that would have taken months longer had we not had Becky’s help. Thank you.”


Lee Fiori, Total Trades Ltd

“Just like to say a big thank you to Becky Stevenson.

We are transforming our business and Becky was recommended.

She has been helping all year round. When we learn and pick up things, Becky helps to iron out the finer details and put ideas into action.

Taking the mumbo jumbo I have inside my head to paint a clear perfect picture for all to understand.

Genuinely from bottom of my heart I can not thank nor recommend her for everything she does and the person she is. She is a genuinely lovely person and people like this can be hard to find.

She’s our diamond in the rock pile if you haven’t had a chat with her and need some extra help and guidance I couldn’t recommend Becky and her service enough.”


Jason Lincoln, Lincoln Finance Ltd

We enlisted the help of Becky and her team. After an initial meeting discussing our requirements, Becky came up with a strategy for implementing a bespoke CRM system into our business.

The system is fully functional and making a significant contribution to the success of our daily operations. We are continuing to engage with Becky and her software developer on enhancements to the system as we discover more ways to make our business performance even more streamlined.

Becky and her team have been excellent in understanding our requirements and bringing these to reality.

If you would like to make your processes more efficient and free up time to spend on the aspects of your business you enjoy, I would highly recommend you speak with Becky.

Becky’s operational expertise will soon have your business working much smarter. We have been very happy with the system implemented and only will wish we had done it years ago!!


Steph Cronin, Black Bee Creative

“I had a power hour with Becky and she gave me great ideas on how to make my business run more smoothly and give my clients a better experience. Becky is very knowledgeable. Her approach is methodical and our conversation was packed with helpful information that will improve my business. I thoroughly recommend her!”


Anthony Blackburn, Golf in Society 

“I’m so glad I was introduced to Becky. The “growing pains” of moving from start-up, where you’ve managed everything yourself, to preparing to scale your social enterprise are significant. Especially navigating your way through the myriad of software options on the market to manage your customer experience and key business processes.

I’m so glad I decided to invest in Becky’s support. The resulting recommendations, have guided me to make some crucially important decisions. Becky also took the time to really understand the uniqueness of our business and our ambitious growth plans. Having a trusted expert in this field onboard has been pivotal for me. I would highly recommend Becky to any start-ups and SME’s looking for similar guidance and expertise.”


Plan, Grow, Do

“Becky has been a pleasure to work with and really helped us achieve our goals through her excellent management of our business process and project management implementation.

Her work enabled us to focus more on the hectic doing side of the business that we love doing but would be at risk of neglecting in lieu of doing the work that could be systemised.

She has helped build a brilliant logical system that helps us increase our ability to scale and helps improve our levels of customer service by ensuring effective and timely communications with our community.

I’d highly recommend Becky and her services if you’re fed up with missing leads, enquiries, juggling too much admin, and know you need a solution to help – you just aren’t sure what that help is!”