Business Systems & Apps

Running a small business is hard, growing it is even harder. Incorporating systems and technology is a fundamental part of business growth.

Over the years, I have worked with many systems, been part of large project boards to implement multimillion pound IT projects, and helped many small businesses to improve processes and implement systems.

Becky Stevenson

Work with an expert like me to find the right business systems. Save yourself time, money and energy.

If you are not from a technology background or find the whole spiders web of business systems and tech confusing, you’re not alone.

I’m lucky that I have the natural ability to look at a system and assess very quickly if it is suitable for a project.

I’m not a developer nor can I code but I’m brilliant at the front end of the journey.

I understand how information links together and I can see where the bottlenecks will occur and I can visualise the best process for the job.

Choosing to invest in a system for your small business is a huge step and I’m here to help you make those decisions.

How I can help…

  • Audit and review your current systems and processes and show you how to improve them
  • Work with you to find the best off the shelf system(s) for you and your business
  • Work with you to implement a bespoke CRM system build for your business with my team of developers
  • Write or improve processes
  • Process mapping for bespoke CRM projects if you already have a developer

Work with an expert like me to find the right business systems. Save yourself time, money and energy.

You could spend hours and hours going round in circles on something that isn’t your area of expertise.

Concentrate on what you’re good at and I’ll help fast track this part of your business.

Give me a call to discuss – 07900958459 or send me an email or check out my book on Amazon

Choosing the right system to manage and organise your small business 

“Becky came up with a strategy for implementing a bespoke CRM system into our business. The system is now fully functional and making a significant contribution to the success of our daily operations.

We are continuing to engage with Becky and her software developer on improvements and enhancements to the system as we discover new ways to make our business performance more streamlined.

Becky and her team have been excellent in understanding our requirements and bringing these to reality.

If you would like to make your processes more efficient and free up time to spend on the aspects of your business you enjoy, I would highly recommend you speak with Becky.

We have been very happy with the system implemented and only wish we had done it years ago!!”

Jason Lincoln, Lincoln Finance – bespoke CRM client