About Becky Stevenson – the Business Doctor

Becky Stevenson Business Doctor

Hi I’m Becky

I’m a business systems strategist – which is basically a ‘doctor’ for businesses. 

I work with corporate companies and small to medium-sized businesses to help diagnose and treat their business problems. Which saves them time – and can also help them save (or make more) money. 

For bigger businesses, this is typically around increasing staff productivity, performance and compliance. It can also be about process diagnostics and mapping.  

With smaller businesses, it’s often about pushing through an income plateau or sales drought, fixing ‘leaky’ sales and marketing funnels and/or diagnosing what went wrong in a disappointing launch (and creating a plan to put it right).

How I work

I provide business systems strategy, consultancy and implementation. Which essentially means (to return to the ‘doctor’ analogy) …  

  1. Listening to the client, understanding their problem(s) – and their key goals
  2. Carrying out an investigation/audit so I can diagnose the problem 
  3. Prescribing the right solution/treatment plan to achieve the client’s goals (i.e. the best system systems/processes) 
  4. Treating the problem (i.e. helping with implementation – if needed)  

Some clients are happy for me to deliver 1-3 (i.e. the diagnosis and treatment plan/strategy) – and carry out the implementation themselves (including building out their own systems and processes). 

Others invest in my help with treatment (i.e. implementation support). Which means I’ll typically build out the systems and processes on their behalf, then work with the client – and/or their team – on implementation, over a specific time period. 

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Why me

I have 22 years business systems experience in a variety of corporate settings across a range of industries-  including higher education, construction, local government, waste management and health/wellbeing. 

My background in systems and processes helped me build my first business to six figures in just two years – whilst employed full-time. Making me the ideal person to help other small business owners scale their businesses 

I’ve helped dozens of small business owners increase their income and productivity – and reduce their working hours – by helping them implement key business systems including. lead generation and sales, building a team of freelancers/contractors and implementing automated tech systems. 

I have a particular interest in supporting neurodivergent business leaders and team members – having been diagnosed with ADHD myself in my 30s. This gives me a unique insight into some of the executive function challenges neurodivergent people can experience with creating, implementing and following systems/processes – and practical strategies to help.


‘We’ve saved hours of work – and hundreds of pounds on software’ 

When I first started working with Becky, we were spending hours each week on ‘manual’ admin tasks to onboard new clients. We had some automation in place – but it wasn’t working effectively. Becky helped us identify what wasn’t working with our onboarding process –  including which software we needed to get things working better.  This has saved us hours of time on onboarding admin – time our marketing specialists can redirect to client delivery. We also saved £500 in switching software providers – which was an added bonus.

Sophie Blackmore, Happy Marketer Ltd

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‘I’ve taken on more clients – and have more time to spend with family’ 

Before I started working with Becky, my business felt chaotic. I didn’t have a system for managing client enquiries or sending out prices/proposals to parents/case managers. It felt like I was starting from scratch with every proposal – which meant I sometimes delayed replying (because I needed time to think what to say). 

Becky helped me create packages for my services (including a fee structure) – and a brochure I can send to prospective clients – which feels far more professional than what I used to send. She also helped me create systems to manage my diary and key documents (including confidential notes from client sessions). All of which has helped me reduce the time I spend on admin each week, freeing me up to take on more clients – and have more ‘down time’ with my family. 

Eve Ovenden, Occupational Therapist

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