Business Processes Improvement for Corporate Companies

Over the years, I have worked with many organisations, their systems and teams and have been part of large project boards implementing multimillion-pound IT projects helping improve the business processes for Corporate Companies.

I provide business systems strategy, consultancy and implementation to both corporate companies and medium-sized businesses.

Scale up, streamline and improve

If you’re looking to increase productivity, performance and compliance – or just improve/update your business systems,  I offer support in a range of areas: 

  • Process auditing, diagnostics and mapping
  • Business Analysis
  • Business systems & technology improvement (e.g CRM’s)
  • Operational development (e.g. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • Increase/improve legal compliance (e.g. UK GDPR or FCA compliance) 

How we work together

I spend time “in” your business, speaking with staff, looking at systems and processes “hands-on” and getting a true feel for the operations of the business. I do this in person or remotely.

One of the biggest benefits of working with me is that I bring a completely independent view.

When you work with a process, day in and day out, you stop seeing the problems, you miss things and you can’t always see what you need to change.

I challenge the age-old phrase of “But we’ve always done it like this…”. I positively unpick everything and question the why and the how. 

As a starting point, we will discuss:

  • The issues you are currently facing
  • The process improvements you would like to make or
  • The goals you would like to achieve

I look at the specific business processes for area we choose to work on. Review and see how they interlink with each other, audit the systems, people, clients, and data – taking everything into account.

I will write a detailed improvement plan (plus process maps, if applicable) and you can either move forward with your staff or you can contract me to help with implementation. 

Testimonial – corporate contract

“Throughout the project, Becky has been highly professional, friendly, and approachable. Her ability to compile copious amounts of complex information into a highly actionable and useful report is commendable. I can highly recommend working with Becky on any process improvement and analysis project.”