Well, in true ADHD / busy-life style, my business birthday passed me by in May, BUT there is always value in taking time to stop and reflect.

This past 12 months has been really interesting. I have worked with some fantastic people and companies. And I’ve been involved in some amazing journeys and felt privileged to help and make an impact.




I was headhunted to bid on a very large corporate projectIt was a six-month tender process that took a hell of a lot of time and effort (and head space).  I didn’t win, but I got down to the final stage. Of course, I was gutted, but I was equally proud of what I achieved. Plus, I can use that hard work to bid for more corporate work.

I’ve continued to work with two long-standing retainer clients and just recently added a third to the mix. They are all so different, and I’ve loved the work we’ve done and the work we have planned. You know what’s interesting? They all did the half-day business boost with me and then became retainer clients later. 

My conversion rate was 33% (proposals sent vs. proposals accepted). Included in this figure are the big tender, a charity tender, and two proposals that relied on securing charity funding, and those are still pending. 

I worked with 20 different individuals and organisations, some multiple times.

I’ve worked with over 15 different types of software (there will be more, but I didn’t keep proper track!) 


  • Got some new photos taken (finally!)
  • Navigated the ADHD medication shortage
  • Sorted out contributing to a private pension 
  • Got a cleaner for home (frees up time and head space!) 
  • Worked through junior school transition issues
  • Had some great ADHD & Health coaching (14 sessions)
  • Still chasing £2.5K from a bad client  
  • There have been 107 school holiday days (managed to take most of them off) 
  • Finally launched my first digital product 
  • Helped 3 people navigate ADHD diagnosis, medication & Access to Work 


So as I head into year 8 of my business, what have I learned in the last 12 months?


The rollercoaster of running your own business never changes

Just when you think you’ve seen and felt it all, something new comes along and gives you a WTF or wow moment.  You really have got to embrace the ride, the ups, the downs and everything in between. If you try to control or fight it, then I’m afraid it’s a battle you can’t always win. 

Saying no is powerful

Trust yourself. Trust that gut. If it doesn’t feel right, even if there is no logic (yet), then saying no is powerful, not weak. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big believer in this one. Your body is a great indicator, so learn to read it. It’s not “woo woo,” but a really powerful tool. 

Say yes to things that scare you

A good follow-on from saying no is the scary yes. Sometimes, we want to say no because we feel that we are not skilled or good enough. Imposter syndrome whispers in our ear, “You can’t do that….who do you think you are…” If those vibes are weighing heavy, say YES and figure it out. Collaborate, get advice, and make it happen because you can! 

Stop doing things that don’t bring joy

If there’s something or someone in your business that doesn’t give you the “yes” vibes, change it. It might be scary, unknown, or have a huge impact (e.g., financial), but make a plan to change it for the better. Change your offering, part ways with a client, get help, build a team, drop the team—whatever it is, you can do it.  

Drop the guilt

We typically spend a lot of time feeling guilty as women, business owners, mothers, and in every other role we have. You can’t do it all because it’s absolutely unrealistic and ridiculous, so pick your priorities or battles and do your best. Stop feeling guilty because that’s just something else in your busy head! 

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